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Promotional Products Catalog-->Decorative Mirrors 2
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We are opening our factory direct mirror store with an offering of popular decorative mirrors at attractive price points. Your purchase will be delivered direct to your home; eliminating the hassle of dragging it home from a shop at a busy mall.Our decorative mirrors come in a variety of styles that make them perfect for living room, bathroom and bedroom. Horchow shows its versatility with this wide selection of decorative mirrors. Our dressing mirrors will reflect your style, with reversed painted glass frame in rustic copper and gold.
Code of all the products
"TP"represents winpromote
"A" represents gold;
"AB" represents gold and silver, two colors;
"B" represents silver;
Beginning with "2" indicates the big mirror cases with diameter of 70.3mm,
Beginning with "6" indicates the middle mirror cases with diameter of 64.6mm;
Beginning with "8" indicates the small mirror cases with diameter of 46.6mm.

TPBX-2(Blue) TPBX-2(Red)
Decorative Mirrors 11 Decorative Mirrors 12

TP BX-1(Blue) TP BX-1(Red)
Decorative Mirror 13 Decorative Mirror 14

TPB-6061(Green) TP B-6061(Blue)
Decorative Mirror 15 Decorative Mirror 16

TP B-6061(Red) TP B-6060(Green)
Decorative Mirrors 17 Decorative Mirrors 18

TP B-6060(Blue) TP B-6060(Red)
Decorative Mirrors 19 Decorative Mirrors 20

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