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Promotional Products Catalog-->Elegant Mirrors 3
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Novel design and considerate service brings convenience on aspects of public relations plan, news briefing, advertisement promoting, commemoration of open and close, anniversary and festivals, gift for meeting, welfare for staff, advertisement present, etc. What’s more, it brings satisfied effect for enterprises’ image promotion, broadcasting enterprises’ culture and so on.
Code of all the products
"TP"represents winpromote
"A" represents gold;
"AB" represents gold and silver, two colors;
"B" represents silver;
Beginning with "2" indicates the big mirror cases with diameter of 70.3mm,
Beginning with "6" indicates the middle mirror cases with diameter of 64.6mm;
Beginning with "8" indicates the small mirror cases with diameter of 46.6mm.

TP A-6001 TP A-6008
Elegant Mirrors 21 Elegant Mirrors 22

TP A-6009 TP A-6011
Elegant Mirror 23 Elegant Mirror 24

TP A-6012 TP A-6013
Elegant Mirror 25 Elegant Mirror 26

TP A-6017 TP A-6018
Elegant Mirrors 27 Elegant Mirrors 28

TP A-6022 TP A-6025
Elegant Mirrors 29 Elegant Mirrors 30

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