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Ellipse style  Silver or black PMMA frame with 2 sets 8W fluorescent lights inside
Eight different inside diameter sizes for different wine or beer bottles, for empty
bottle, the magnet can be fixed inside of the cover
Floating bottle size from 14 to 25cm
Floating bottle weight from 100gram to 2,000gram
Company name and logo can be laser enchased on the face side
1. inside height:21cm     Floating object Height:  15cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g  
2. inside height:23.3cm    Floating object Height:  17.3cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g 
3.inside height:24.7cm    Floating object Height:  18.7cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g 
4. inside height:26.7cm    Floating object Height:  20.7cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g 
5. inside height:28.2cm     Floating object Height:  22.2cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g
6. inside height:31.1cm     Floating object Height:  25.1cm
Weight of floating object: 200-700g 
7. inside height:34.3cm      Floating object Height:  28.3cm
Weight of floating object: 700-1500g            
G.W.:11.2KGS    N.W.7.9KGS

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