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We are specialized in manufacturing this kind crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, coloured crystal
pendant, crystal sculpture, crystal figurine, crystal statue, crystal crafts.
They are transparent, coloured. They could refract the light, our crystal is different from ordinary
crystal.they are made by lost wax casting method.

A crystal product can be the perfect gift, whether at a wedding, awards ceremony, birthday, or just for
yourself. With their shining briliance and purity, our crystals will bring a sparkle to wherever you put
them. So whatever you're looking for, feel free to browse our website and we're sure you'll find the
crystal for you.

NO.:TPHD-003 NO.:TPHD-004
Size(mm): 300X100X80 Size(mm): 300X85X85
Crystal Awards 11 Crystal Awards 12

NO.:TPHD-006 NO.:TPHD-009
Size(mm): 200X85X85 Size(mm): 320X80X80
Crystal Awards 13 Crystal Awards 14

NO.:TPHD-082 NO.:TPHD-084
Size(mm): 150X80X70 Size(mm): 50X60X80
Crystal Awards 15 Crystal Awards 16

NO.:TPHD-016 NO.:TPHD-020
Size(mm): 320X90X90 Size(mm): 300X90X70
Crystal Award 17 Crystal Award 18

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