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We are a professional supplier of crystal crafts. We can do various shapes, drawings and laser carved crystal crafts. Also we can do any OEM shapes or designs.
Our crystal gifts selected material better,the works have exquisite craftsmanship,beautifully wrought,fine shapes,luxurions and quite feature,with the high value of appreciate.We can design and manu facture the crystal gifts or souvenirs by the different business affairs, conference,dealings with foreign nationals or organizations,and grand celebrations activities.Each works has consummate skill and is warmly welcome by customers.

NO.:TPGC-4007 NO.:TPGC-4008
Size(mm):182X116X90 Size(mm):186X75X75
Crystal Gifts 31 Crystal Gifts 32

NO.:TPGC-4009 NO.:TPGC-4011
Size(mm):160X60X60 Size(mm):198X125X120
Crystal Gifts 33 Crystal Gifts 34

NO.:TPGC-4012 NO.:TPGC-4013
Size(mm):190X70X70 Size(mm):182X78X7
Crystal Gift 35 Crystal Gift 36

Size(mm): Size(mm):
Crystal Gift 37 Crystal Gift 38

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