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HDD Player
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(1) Easily carry, palm size: The small fuselage (132mm x 78mm x 22mm), putting it into the pocket or package we can bring it along outside easily.

(2) Bright and clear.3.6 inch TFT color LCD screen:3.6 inch TFT LCD screen embarks the high brightness. We can see clear images through bright picture.

(3) Rich formats for the image: The image broadcasting format, supports MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, RM/RMVB, AVI(DV), WMV video format document and so on. In addition, we could also read or browse the * TXT text documents, JPEG, the BMP picture and the slide on the machine.

(4) At longest it broadcasts 4 hour continuously approximately: The battery with the noumenon inside, may broadcast approximate 4 hour continuously at longest. In motion or short break, we can simply appreciate the image as well.

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(5) Inner vidicon lens, it can shoot the clearly focused picture and photograph the DV short film. In addition, it can also transcribe the MPEG4 video document from television or other video signal equipment.

(6) It can transcribe and carry approximately 31 hours television programs with the digital recorder function.

(7) Directly use high fidelity acoustic system to make the digital format music document. No need to use the computer.

(8) With AV line connecting to the television, you can see the image in the big picture: With attached AV line connecting with television, we transmit MPEG-4 and the RM/RMVB image from? Hard disk video player? To the television. Then we could appreciate it with big screen.

(9) Use high speed USB2.0 to connect with the computer: The port uses USB2.0 which can transmit the data in high speed. Connected with the computer USB2.0 port. It can quickly transmit large capacity image.

(10)It can also be used for the large capacity data exchange: USB2.0 connected with the computer, also can be used as external hard disk. We may put various data in the compact fuselage, therefore, it can be used for the large capacity data exchange as well.

(11)Directly copy picture or data either from the SANDISK memory or through HOST USB.

(12)Supports the game function: Many kinds of games entertainment items, beneficial to brains, interesting, fun to play with.

(13)Supports the FLASH movie broadcasting: Support the simple * SWF format FLASH movie broadcasting.

(14)It has the dual charge function: This machine support two means of charge, DC (direct-current) charge and USB charge, which is convenient for user long time energy supplement.

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