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Product Name:card mp3 player
Product NO.:TPCAMP3041

1) Usb 2.0 interface
2) Large capacity for storage and enioy your love music as you wish
3) Built-in flash: 64M—4GB
4) 3D color print technology and unique style stands out  
5) Print the sign, picture, enterprise logo you like, and makes the unique present     
1) The Mp3 with card shape and small volume, is the thinnest present MP3 in the market. You may put it in the pocket, and it can transfer information between any computers.
2) Best choice for presents:
The card MP3 not only catches people’s sight, but also show the enterprise image. It will proves your enterprise image in the press conference, the new product announcement, the advertisement promotion and so on
3) Enterprise card:
Many manufacturers will promote products and enterprise image in different fairs in the foreign countries.
Famous enterprises applies it as a main tool of marketing, such as the application of staff cards, enterprises profile, new products announcement and products presentation.Just one thin and small enterprise card will introduce the management idea and product service in detail.
4) Multi-Media digital card:
It's not just a card, but also a mp3 which may storage large information of famous governmental agencies,
professors, artists, designers.
5) Christmas card
Best choice of Christmas present
6) Subject card:
Souvenirs of the listed company shareholders’ meeting, Holiday promotion complimentary gifts,
Entrusts with the different subject and the business planning content in view of the industry, creat topic, causes the consumer to like, increase product exposure rate, is the best advertisement new media.
7) Graduation commemoration card:
Many years schoolfellows will be apart someday, card MP3 stored schoolfellows photos will witness our love and friendship whenever and whenever, replace photo faded.
8) Scenery spot card:
Presenting or selling to tourists as a memorial cards, travel card, admission ticket, you may store advertisement content in the card mp3,it will not only creat profit but also attract more potential touristw. Every tourist can aftertaste traveling experience, but also may introduces beautiful scenery to the relatives and friends.
9) Wedding dress card:
Language is pale at many times, let’s make a wedding dress card, Share Your sweet and happiness with your good relatives and friends.
10) Lover card:
Record aftertaste every sweet moments when you stay with your lover.
Technical parameter:
1) Usb interface:High speed usd2.0
2) Flash storage device::128M-4G (Pls see the capacity sticker of player)
3) Playing time up to 11 hours
4) Earphone output: >5mW(32Ohm)
5) MP3 bit rate:8K bps - 320K bps
6) WMAWAV ratio:64K bps - 384K bps
7) Noise ratio >85dB
8) Music format:MP1?MP2?MP3?WMA?WAV
9) Temp:-5--40°C
10 OS:Windows98/ME/2000/XP?Mac OS 10?Linux 2.4.2
12) Cost price:55RMB.solution: SMI340
13) Accessories:color box,earphone,manual, usb cable.
14) Packing:115g/pcs,70pcs/ctn, weight:9.5kg
15) Ctn size: 66.5*29*32cm















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