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With your firm imprint or logo, our promotional fans, make great promotional items. See our wide choice of fans below. These items will make a big impression to promote your business by advertising with promotional products.This means that everyone will see the fans with your company imprint or logo, use them, and think of your firm when they need your product or business. It is also a great way to promote a specific event.

Palm fan. Paddle Fan. Raffia fan. Bahama Fan. Hand Fan. Bamboo fan. Whatever you call it, we have it. Ideal wedding favors, our palm-leaf fans are available in various sizes and styles. Use our mini fan as an escort card as well as a simple cooling system for an outdoor wedding. Use our larger palm hand fan to attach your wedding ceremony program and place on each guest's seat at a summer wedding ceremony. Our palm hand fans make perfect wedding favors at a destination wedding, beach wedding, or tropical locale.

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