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Soft warm smoothness, it is satin damask Law ": bamboo fiber fineness units with small, soft to the touch; Whiteness good, bright color; Strong toughness and wear resistance, and unique elasticity; a strong vertical and horizontal strength, stable and uniform draping good; SMOOTH not taken soft body, soft cotton also has a unique velvet flu. cool comfort, the real "Air conditioning fiber" : bamboo fiber cross section is full of large and small oval-shaped pores, can be absorbed in the moment and a lot of moisture to evaporation. bamboo fiber absorbent cotton is two-fold. natural cross-section of high hollow, industry experts say makes bamboo fiber "breathes" the fibers, also called "fiber Queen." bamboo fiber hygroscopicity, take moist, excellent breathability, bamboo fiber textile use summer season, people felt particularly cool, breathable, in winter and spring use that fluffy comfort can exclude the excess body heat and moisture, not to get angry. non-fat dry. bamboo fiber textiles also features other traditional functional fibers which can not be compared to it.
1) Soft and breathable
2) Price:Reasonable and competitive price
3) Many designs available
4) High quality, best services and competitive prices

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